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“The Target” is a game about bullying and toxic masculinity. In this game, we play boys in a new school environment, surrounded by strangers, who form a small group, by chance or necessity.

Holding their fears against their chests, these boys that we made up play together in recess, like you’d expect from any other kid. Until one of them sees reason to try and get an upper hand against another one. That other one is The Target.

The Target wouldn’t exist without the brazilian game jam “Faça Você Mesmo 2018” (which could be translated as “Do It Yourself 2018”), hosted by Cyber Mamute. The game was made under it’s rules and themes - you can see the whole journey here (in portuguese).


This game deals with themes of bullying, humiliation and social isolation. People who lived those experiences intensely might not feel safe with this game, and we recommend that it is played with caution. If at any moment during the game you feel like you’re not comfortable playing anymore, announce your decision and leave the game, no explanation required. Your emotional state is more important than any game.

To play

You'll need:

  • A minimum of four and a maximum of seven players (including you).
  • A decks of cards with four suits, and at least one Joker.
  • Two index cards or pieces of scrap paper for each player.
  • Pencils or pens, preferably one for each player.
  • A copy of this game’s rules, for referencing and reading while playing.

This game is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0. You can create upon it, as long as you license your game in the same terms and give appropriate credit.



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This is a difficult game and it hurts. And I won't say this hurt is good or necessary but it is an exploration of toxic masculinity and it's valid. I'll save this game for a time I feel safe to play it with someone.


Thank you very much for the comment. Yes, it hurt to put out, and I'm very aware it could really hurt to play! I hope that, if you do, you can remain safe and explore the feelings without harm. At any rate, thank you very much for reading. This game was my first ever design and is very personal to me 💖